With a combined 35+ years experience

in the feline only field, we are excited

to meet and care for your  special kitty.  

Well versed in vaccine protocols, proper 

Kitties have always played a vital role in Alissa's life. With expertise in the senior kitty department you will find Alissa almost always has a senior foster living with her and her family.

handling and sanitation, our experience will ensure your kitty's best care, intervening for early medical treatment at your own veterinary clinic if needed. Client communication is open and easy and you will feel the excitement and dedication in our work.



Alissa has been an active employee of a feline only veterinary hospital for many years. Spending 13 years as a Veterinary Assistant, Alissa was able to gain valuable hands on experience with all kinds of kitties. Prior to her veterinary assistant role, she volunteered at a cat rescue in Danvers and spent time working  with  a  local groomer in her hometown of Hamilton.

A former employee of a feline only veterinary hospital for over 23 years, Sharon is a cat lover with strong communication skills and possesses the necessary experience to manage a successful feline hotel. 


A lifetime cat owner herself, Sharon is passionate about good, quality treatment for your feline family and enjoys spending time pampering hotel guests.  


Sharon lives in Salem with her family, which includes a goldfish, two cats, a dog, lizards and a snake.