Leaving your cat behind when you travel can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend!  Peace of mind while you are apart can impact your experience on vacation or business trip in immesurable ways!


What to know before you make your final cat care selection:

Boarding should be the main service of the facility you choose or should be a specialized area with specifically designated staff. 


Where will your cat be during the day?   

Be sure to investigate EVERY location your cat will spending time throughout the day.  ALWAYS ask to see each of these places.  Personally escort your cat to his/her boarding area and set up the space. Make sure ALL locations your cat will spend time in are quiet/clean and away from the hustle and bustle of any other activites in the building.  Make sure your cat will have consistent quarters thoughtout the stay.


Who will be with your cat during out of cage times and for how long?

Will someone spend individual time and play with or cuddle your cat during the day?  How long will your cat receive one-on-one attention?  Ask if it will it be the same every day.  Be sure you know how to make contact to get updates and pictures of your kitty while you are gone.


What kind of condo will your cat be housed in during his/her stay?  Is there enough room for stretching?

ALWAYS ask to see the accommodations you cat will be staying in.  Be sure your kitty can stretch out.  Food and litter pans should be kept separately.  Your kitty does not want to sleep or eat next to a litter pan.


What is the experience of ALL caregivers in charge of kitty vacationers?

How long has the facility's boarding specialist been working with cats?  Does this person have other duties that will distract them from diligently caring for boarding cats?  Find out who the boarding specialist is and ask to speak directly with that person and discuss the individual needs of your cat.  Discuss the schedule of the boarding specialist and how you will receive routine updates/pictures of your cat.


What can you bring?

Items from home are very important to your feline while he/she is vacationing.  Can you bring your own bed and toys?  Items with familiar scents on them can be very soothing to your cat.  Be sure that your cat will be allowed to have these items during the stay and that the cage is big enough to accomodate necessary items. Remember to see and set up your cat's private quarters.


What are the procedures if there is an emergency with your cat while you are gone?

Will your cat be taken to your regular veterinary clinic?  What if you cannot be contacted to make a quick decision about your cat?  What are the policies/procedures regarding payment for such a situation?  If your cat has a particular medical condition that will be treated while you are away make a list of questions specific to YOUR cat and be sure you feel comfortable with the emergency plan in place.

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Finding the right place for

YOUR cat to board