Rainbow Sprinkles


We ask that you be sure your kitty is flea-free upon arrival to SoHo. We will treat for fleas if we notice any sign of fleas with Advantage, which will incur a small fee. If you have concerns, please treat 48 hours before coming to SoHo.


For the safety and consideration of all of our guests, we are only able to accommodate those that are spayed or neutered, and have been vaccinatied according to a veterinarian's protocol for Distemper and Rabies.
While at SoHo your cat will have the opportunity to socialize the way he/she likes. Many cats do not enjoy the company of other felines while others are indifferent or happy to share their day with others. Whatever your cat's preference, we will see to it that plenty of his/her day is spent exactly that way.

Please review important SoHoCats

Policies as well as notes about

your cat's stay.


We will ask that you provide us with YOUR contact information while you are away, as well as an emergency contact in the event we need to reach you or someone else on your pet's behalf. The name and number of your regular veterinarian will also be important for us to have. We will send updates and pictures via text or email.


We would love to host your kitty the next time you travel



SoHoCats Holiday Schedule
SoHo is open 365 days per year to care for your kitty family. On certain holidays check-ins and check-outs are not offered. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you schedule your pick up the next available day.
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If your kitty requires medication administration, or any special treatment while boarding, please make sure we have the original instructions from your veterinarian. We also need all medications and supplies to  be sent along with your kitty.

We will create a “guest plan” prior to your arrival.  Please pack an overnight bag for your kitty with his/her favorite toy, a personal article of clothing your cat is familiar with, and enough of their favorite food for the length of stay. Some cats can be finicky eaters on their best days, let alone when in a boarding situation  We have alternate choices should this happen.  You may also opt to have your kitty exclusively eat our selection.