SoHo offers overnight care 365 days a year


At check-in we will show you and your kitty to his/her condo and set up any personal belongings. Food and personal belongings will be stored in an assigned draw.  

Throughout the day all guests will  be allowed out of their condo based on their specific preferences.

Our staff is well-trained and experienced in diabetic care, including administering insulin injections, as well as careful monitoring of appetite, water consumption, and urine output. Blood glucose can also be monitored and reported to your veterinarian upon request.


Subcutaneous fluids and other treatments can be administered to guests following your veterinarian's protocol.

Since a care-giver spends the majority of the day at the hotel, all of our guests will have ample time to play and stretch in our open play area.  Catnip and chin scratches are complimentary!


We request for the benefit of your cat that you bring your own food for the length of stay.


Check-in and check-outs are by appointment only.


Please call us directly if you require special accommodations and we will do our very best to help.



SoHo offers discounts for multiple week and extended boarding periods as well as packages for multiple cat families. 

SoHoCats Holiday Schedule
SoHo is open 365 days per year to care of your kitty family.  However on major holidays check-ins and check-outs are not offered. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you either arrange to have someone else pick up your kitty or we will schedule your discharge the next available day.