We're looking forward to hosting your Kitty 

Regular diet

We recommend 
bringing the food your kitty is used to eating.

A change in diet can often lead to upset stomach as well as diarrhea.  It's also comforting in a new environment for your kitty to have familiar food. Sending favorite treats is fine if you like, however we always have plenty!

Food dishes are not necessary. We have dinnerware attached to condos to prevent spilling.

A small bed or blanket

Something familiar

from home.


We will supply cozy bedding for your kitty.  You may still want to bring something from home to provide a familiar scent.  A t-shirt, small blanket, or bed is always fine.

Each condo provides a platform for bedding and a Kitty Kasa cube for nesting.


SoHoCats has LOTS of


You are certainly welcome to send along particular toys your cat routinely enjoys.  Please however do not send anything of special value.  Toys often get taken on secret expeditions only to never be seen again.  We unfortunately cannot guarantee the safe return of any toy.

Pink Lemon
Pink Lemon
Pink Lemon
Pink Lemon
Pink Lemon


Things to pack for a stay at SoHoCats

We're looking forward to hosting your kitty next time you are away!

Proof of a  Rabies  Distemper       vaccination  is  required.   You        may  bring a hard copy to your drop off appointment or email       to SoHodocs@yahoo.com.  Per        order of Animal your kitty CAN-NOT   board   with  us  without       this information.