Hotel owners Sharon and Alissa have a combined 35+ years working in a feline-only veterinary hospital.

Medication administration, specialized geriatric and diabetic care always available





and care

Leaving your cat home alone, or confined to a 

"tight squeeze" kennel, is no longer the norm for routine kitty care. Let our professional, 

feline experienced staff show you the 

"guilt free" option for leaving your

feline friend when you travel.

What its all about...

SoHoCats has brought a new boarding experience to cats and their owners. We strive not only to actively care for our feline guests 7 days a week throughout the entire day, but to also individually treat each cat as we would  treat our own. You are always welcome and encouraged to call, email or text while you are away to check on your kitty.


With plenty of  feline-friendly activities (including bird T.V.) and hotel partners with over 35 years of experience, SoHoCats is the hot spot for kitties looking a for a hip place to play and a cool place to stay! All guests also enjoy a cat inspired movie each night at bedtime.


Our care-inspired  up-scale hotel has a retro flair and offers the finest care available to accommodate the individual needs of our exclusively feline  guests. Be it for just the day or for several weeks at a time, we want you to feel confident entrusting your kitty companion in our experienced hands. 


We view ourselves as your cherished cat's extended family and aim to create long-lasting client friendships. We would like to be your cat's home-away-from-home.


Call anytime with questions or to arrange a visit!

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