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Things you need to know

Before making the important decision to board your cat, please take a minute to educate yourself on

upper respiratory infections and review our boarding policies.

We're looking forward to seeing you!


Upper respiratory infections are the most common cat diseases.  The feline distemper vaccine protects against the most common forms of infections although viruses and bacterial infections evolve constantly. As a cat owner you should be aware of some facts about these infections before you decide if boarding your cat with us is right for you.

What is an upper respiratory infection? 

Upper respiratory infections  can be  highly contagious diseases spread by  airborne viruses. Incubation times can be three to seven days from exposure to symptoms. Sneezing, eye discharge, as well as nasal discharge are common to see. These may last from a few days to a couple weeks. Viral infections in cats resemble the same feeling as a cold in humans such as lethargy, lack of appetite, and sometimes a fever.


Are these viruses a constant problem? 

Like the flu they are often seasonal. When veterinarians see cases, they tend to come from a boarding facility, pet stores, shelters, or individual owners. Once an outbreak has run its course, another case could take months or more.

Is my cat more likely to catch a URI when while boarding?

Boarding presents two conditions that do not occur at home. Proximity exposure to multiple, potentially contagious cats, as well as stress and excitement of a new environment which can lower resistance to diseases.

Do URIs occur only in pet care facilities? 

These viruses can be anywhere, and travel through the air.  They can affect  any cat, even one at home inside the house.

URI's are more likely to occur in in places where cats are in groups such as cat shows, animal  shelters, veterinary offices, and pet shops, as well as in any boarding situation. Cats that spend 100% of the time in the house can get these infections with no contact from another cat.


Why doesn’t the vaccine protect my cat? 

Feline Distemper vaccines protect against   common forms of infections . As with the common cold, there are hundreds of varieties.  Mutations constantly develop and adapt to the environment. Vaccinating against every form would be impossible.

Can a boarding facility prevent a cat from exposure to a URI? 

No amount of supervision or sanitation can prevent a cat from catching an airborne virus. Requiring vaccine records, not boarding a sick cat, and watching for signs of illness will help lower risks.

How are they cured? 

Just as with a common cold, they needs to run their course. A veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics to prevent secondary infections or fight a bacterial infection.


By creating a reservation and leaving your cat at SoHoCats, you agree to all terms of this contract.

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- Long and short term boarding

- Daycare

- Medication administration

- Diabetic care 

-Text updates on your kitty

Hours vary daily.  Dropping off or picking up your kitty is by appointment only.

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